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Does your mix sound in the ballpark with your references? Write down your impressions, and then move onto step 2: 2. Reference with Match EQ. Today I’ll look into Mastering with Logic Pro X process, using one of the most powerful digital audio workstations in the world. I’ve broken it down into a series of actionable steps. You can also download a FREE PDF version of this guide so you always have it to hand! Table of Contents.

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Logic Pro X: Audio and Music Production – PDF Drive


More than any other part of the music-production workflow, the art and science of mastering seems to evolve and adapt dramatically over time. Likewise, the so-called Loudness Wars seem to have passed, but have we really moved to an era of wide dynamic range, or do musicians still have a desire to push their music to the limits?

In this two-part Logic workshop, therefore, we want to take an in-depth and practical look at the state of mastering and how it fits into your Logic workflow. If the main output is too hot, though, consider using Fader Groups, VCAs or the Gain plug-in to attenuate the mix level rather than simply pulling down the Master fader, which has limited merit as a post-fade attenuator. Instead, ensure the music breathes and that the instruments work together in an effective way.

Raising the Gain parameter will increase the amount of compression, lowering the dynamic range and raising the LUFS level. On the whole, most streaming services level-adjust tracks metering over LUFS, so this is a good ballpark level to start with. The Adaptive Limiter should always be the penultimate plug-in on the main mix bus, with the Loudness Meter as the last plug-in displaying the final LUFS levels.

Any other plug-ins — such as single-band compression, EQ and so on — should always be earlier on in the signal path. You can, of course, add EQ, but this will start to have its own input onto the perceived balance of instruments. One quick-and-easy solution is an instance of Gain on the first plug-in slot.

Logic creates a new VCA master fader that will attenuate the signal levels feeding the Stereo Out buss accordingly. Set the target level to LUFS. Press Start on the Loudness Meter and playback the track.

True Peak overs should be avoided at all costs. The Adaptive Limiter should be instantiated at the last point in the signal processing chain, but ahead of the metering. If your track has a higher loudness, it will be attenuated to match music with a greater dynamic range, ultimately resulting in a more comfortable listening experience for the end user. Bypass the Adaptive Limiter for now, and instantiate the Compressor plug-in, placed before the Adaptive Limiter plug-in.

Increase the Make Up slightly to account for the gain reduction. The Attack and Release should both be set to moderate settings, so that the compressor moves empathetically. Set Attack to around 20ms and Release to around ms, with the Auto button engaged. Now move the Filter mode to On, and also compare with the Off setting.

Reactivate the Adaptive Limiter. Dial down the amount of Gain on the Adaptive Limiter accordingly. Remember to also avoid True Peaks! The loudness correction makes comparisons with commercial recording easier. For more Logic tutorials and workshops, check here.

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How to control loudness when mastering in Logic. By Mark Cousins. Making headroom Advertisement. The best plug-ins to buy in 14 best delay plug-ins Buyer’s Guides 5th July


Logic x pro mastering audio free download

· MB·22, Downloads·New! Mixing and mastering are the final challenges in creating great recordings. Great mixes require both creativity and a pr. Go to Music>Audio Music Apps>Project Templates – Simply drop the files into this folder. To Open the Templates in Logic Pro X – You can open the templates by.

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