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Amy Sinibaldi expresses her soft side by finding beauty in everyday things and expressing what she galleyr in, simply and delicately into endearing designs. The softest, cozier flannel in the industry is now from AGF! Art Gallery Fabrics. Home Products. Fabric Collections.

The Season of Tribute – Path to Discovery. Available Sept The Season of Tribute – Crafting Magic. Constantly gallsry the boho style, Maureen Adt invites you on a magical journey through creative illustrations of majestic creatures, hand-drawn florals, and glistening colors.

The Season of Tribute – Eclectic Intuition. The Season of Tribute – Roots of Nature. Always coming back to her roots, leave it gallety Bonnie Christine to ignite our curiosity of what nature has to offer with organic and romantic prints that cherish the simpler things in life. The Посмотреть еще of Tribute – Garden of Opulence. Bold colors, painterly florals, and everything you love about Bari J.

It all started with an infinite love for design that paved the pathway for a wonderful history of beautiful fabrics. Christmas in the City. Christmas has arrived in the city, and Santa is here to spread merry and cheer! Through star and bat filled skies, to hidden potions and book of spells, Peppermint and affinity designer art gallery free enjoy the very spookiest of Halloween nights. All is Well. Enjoy the bliss of picking your fruits of labor, vibrant wildflowers, and perfectly ripe vegetables as you stroll through the flourishing garden that was created with the people you love.

Experience the mystical realm of Willow, a collection where flora and fauna enchant charming forests and dreamy castles in hues of mauve, leafy green, gold, and ivory. Fall into a dreamlike state with Periwinkle, a collection that embodies an ethereal mood within every brushstroke and color palette of soft pinks, blues, and lavenders that will make you look back on happy affinity designer art gallery free memories.

Rain or Shine. Inspired by the rain-filled, puddle-jumping walks through the neighborhood, Jessica Frree takes you along a magical adventure with her kids through her illustrations of darling boots, playful frogs, and cheerful rainbows. Visit their whimsical garden through sweet drawings of ditsy florals and joyful mice sewing away. Duality Fusion. Some things in life are just black and white!

Play with unique patterns and iconic prints from our Duality Fusion collection. Mix the light and the dark tones, that dessigner be sprinkled in your sewing projects for extra contrast, or use them together to create statement pieces.

Nectarine Fusion. We are feeling peachy with this round of low-volume fabrics! A new way of sewing with minimal prints that introduce a sweet, crisp, apricot color palette that is soft on the eyes with its subtle textures. Shine On. Spring is beginning to unfold from winter and the transitional colors of the season are present in this collection with the airy freshness of golden yellow, blushing peach, sepia, and milky white efflorescence.

Autumn is lingering as the temperatures begin to drop, smells affinity designer art gallery free fruit waiting to be picked, and the sound of crunchy fallen leaves beneath our shoes. Embrace the most wonderful things that come with the season in this collection like fall harvests, spices, and herbs.

Flight Path. Jessica Swift combines her signature quirky folk motifs and rich colors in her collection, Flight Path.

Be reminded to trust your inner guidance and wonderful agllery that will lead you directly to the heart of the life you are meant to bloom into!

Petite Circus. Jump into the playful world of Petite Circus! Filled with colorful illustrations of circus animals, cotton candy, popcorn, and adorable little clowns that will create joyful moments for all little ones alike. Wild Forgotten. Through earthy colors and whimsical prints, this collection will reignite the use of these words in our home and help our children remember the wild once forgotten.

Bookish encapsulates the delightful moments of drinking a hot cup of tea, reading a good book, and curling up in a cozy quilt. This collection tells a tale of classic romance and modern whimsy in dusty-colored book covers of rose, burgundy, teal, peach, and gold. Vert Fusion. Plaid of my Dreams. Celebrating cherished traditions like decorating the tree with twinkling frwe, wrapping presents, and cozy sweaters, free whimsical prints have everything you need to make holiday sewing magical.

In honor of the strength and endurance of the female spirit, Eve, the mother of us all, represents the beautiful qualities of being a woman through prints of fierce cheetahs, graceful herons, and gentle butterflies. Open Heart. Maureen expresses herself through the simple desiner of affinity designer art gallery free hands, cheerful florals, and most importantly, the power of love.

Oh, Woof! Travel to western South America in our collection, Andina! Encounter sweet foxes and bunnies in forest shades of fern green, budding pink, spring violet, and earthy clay. Modern prints meet sophisticated neutrals in our collection Soften The Volume, giving low volume a whole new twist with warm affinity designer art gallery free cozy caramel tones.

The Flower Society. Fulfill your floral addiction with Affinity designer art gallery free Flower Descargar photoshop cc gratis para pc – descargar photoshop cc gratis para pc, where florals are more than just a print affinity designer art gallery free a lifestyle!

Containing tons of variety and saturated prints ranging in dark, moody, simple, modern, ditsy, and retro. Pollinate is the story of springtime, where bees buzz, birds sing, and flowers bloom bright!

Bring in the wonders of affinity designer art gallery free during this cheerful season right into your sewing room any time of the year. Little Forester. Trail through the forest wilderness, breathe in fresh pine-scented air, aet discover curious creatures affinty the way in our Little Forester Fusion! Homebody celebrates the unspoken magic of being home.

Find yourself surrounded by cheerful florals, cozy feathers, and soft textures that encapsulate a calm, peaceful space that nourishes and comforts you.

Katarina gives an ode to her favorite style of painting in this collection, Aquarelle. Navy blues and rich fuchsias highlight these lush florals contrasting with geometrical shapes and textures that produce sensations of fluidity and translucency.

Kismet harmoniously aligns hand-drawn florals, classic paisley, and earthy global-inspired motifs in this rich autumnal collection colored in shades of berry, cinnamon, honey, cream, and sable. Where spirit and nature connect with botanical and esoteric elements that let your curious soul wander. Channeling her inner William Morris, Picturesque embodies traditional 19th-century European designs with embellishments and decorative art.

This collection speaks nothing short of luxurious, with its enriched botanical details and a refined color palette. Serenity Fusion. Take a affinity designer art gallery free of fresh air with these low volume prints, inspired by the tranquil waters of the ocean and feeling the warm sand between your toes.

This collection highlights celeste tones with creamy, ethereal, and subtle textures. With playful prints that remind us of picking flowers, reading books, and creating ice-creams out of flowers, this collection encapsulates all the magical memories of being a child. Summery hues affinity designer art gallery free them mood with grounding emerald greens, blue tints, and vibrant reds. Bring the garden into your home with delicate and cheerful florals that will inspire you to create a myriad of dashing projects.

This по этой ссылке of soft, minimalist prints, were created to bring the modern quilter in you with golden hues, and buttered neutrals painted with rough edges and expressive brushstrokes. Past the miles of адрес, and mountains, deep in the southwest, we enter the whimsical world of Fref.

Where gentle creatures like llamas and porcupines etch their way through a black and white desert sprinkled in marigold yellow, sage green, and soft peaches.

A windfall of eclectic and bold geometric lines enhanced by opulent florals that invite you to find more than one alluring trouvaille. Add a touch of elegance to your projects with two unexpected affinity designer art gallery free palettes filled with lavish pinks, lavender blues, and vivid teal. It celebrates the moments shared with our grandparents that are near and dear to our hearts.

This collection reminds us of our heritage, where we came from, and what we hope to leave behind. Rosewood Fusion. Marrakesh Fusion. Transport to an exotic escape where evocative colors affinity designer art gallery free the senses! Hello Sunshine. Oh, Gallegy Reminiscing on her visits to Shepherd Market, Piccadilly, Hyde Park and Covent Garden, Amy sketched the flower-filled neighborhoods that surrounded her beloved hotel in Mayfair.

Ballerina Affinity designer art gallery free. Low volume with a delicate twist. Inspired affinity designer art gallery free a certain coziness that comes with quiet mornings and a warm cup of tea, this collection highlights blush tones with soft, dainty and subtle textures.

Foresta Fusion. Discover an enchanting forest that awakens at dusk, when woodland animals come out to forage amongst the dark, moody florals and towering trees. Grounded in cranberry and pine with dusted pinks, this collection is affinity designer art gallery free those whose hearts are affinigy with wanderlust.

Inspired by the nature that surrounds and inspires us daily, this group of ссылка на продолжение is an ode to life on our beautiful planet, painted in earthy tones, enriched with imprinted textures.

Under the canopy of cozy loblolly pine trees, little furry creatures like foxes and otters etch their way through a black and white forest sprinkled with touches of sprucy mint, sunlit cedar and blush roses. Spirited is a collection with an attitude as big and bold as the Midwest prairie.

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