Customized personalized Name jewelry

Keep memories of your loved ones closer by rocking our personalized jewleries. Our customized name jewelry is the perfect, Unique gift for you and your loved ones this season.

Free Maintenance- water resistant – skin friendly – Non- tarnish

Jewelries lovers are going crazy over this exquisite Stainless Steel Customized Jewelry

If you are a jewelry lover like us, you would know the importance of wearing elegant accessories only.

You are guaranteed to get all the attention on you when you rock them.

*It gives you a unique identifier.

*makes you stand out from the crowd.

*making you confident in your accessories.

Stonned pendant- #10,000
Cuff Bangle- #12,500
2Step pendant- #9,000
Onestep moderated sized pendant- #7,000
Bold pendant- #9,000
Medium sized pendant- #8,000
Moderated Sized pendant- #7,000
Drawstring bracelet- #8,500
Mini cuban bracelet- #8,000
Hoop earrings- #12,500
Crown design - #8,000
Double heart design- #8,000
Mini engraved bracelet- #8,000
Drop earrings- #12,500
Cross design pendant- #8,000
Cuban bracelet- #12,500
Signet ring- #9,000
Name in a heart- #8,000
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Slim necklace and pendant- #8,000
Slim necklace and pendant- #8,000
Adjustable ring- #8,000
Adjustable ring- #8,000
Moderate sizes pendant- #7,000
Moderate sizes pendant- #7,000
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Anklet- #9,000
Stonned graphic cufflinks- #15,000
Plained graphic cufflinks- #12,000
Plained graphic cufflinks- #12,000
Plained graphic cufflinks- #12,000
Engraved cufflinks- #10,000
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Many people can only dream of owing a jewelry that is made specially for them.

Considering how these items can be expensive, the best part is that JEWELRIESBYDELLY has now made it possible by curating the best designs at unbeatable prices

why you'll fall in love with this customized jewelries?

3 solid reasons to own this Exquisite Stainless Steel Customized Jewelry

have a taste of true luxury

This customized jewleries give you this instant rich man/woman vibes when you rock them. I bet we all love to be perceived in the right way.

Pure stainless steel, with 18k gold plating to give it that luxurious finish of real gold look.

Easy to wear and maintain for your convenience.

premium & super durable

Unlike other materials, stainless steel retains its brilliance over time.

This customized jewelries is not just durable, but anti-scratch and anti-rust. Completely rugged. 


our customized jewelry is water resistant.

You do not need to worry about removing it every time you come in touch with đź’¦ water.


Necklace Length...
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Attached And Detachable...
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Necklace Type...
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How To Get Your Own Supply Of the stainless steel Customized jewelries?

NOTE: We're Presently Offering 70% minimum deposit before delivery Within Lagos and nationwide!

Have you been scammed online before? I know the feeling because I have been scammed too that is why we show all our process this brand is 100% reliable

We offer wholesale deals from 10 orders and above, What are you waiting for? Don’t miss out!

2 Step Pendant- #10,000
Plain Graphic Cufflinks- #13,000
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Are You Ready To Lay Your Hands On This stainless steel Customized jewelries And earn some bragging rights?


It's Easy To Order! Just Select Your customized design, color, length, necklace position, And Fill The Form Below with Your Correct Details.
You wiIl automatically be redirected to our sales rep whatsApp dm to finalize your order.

NOTE: Before Placing Order, kindly know that Customized booking takes about 6 weeks from the time you place an order. please, ensure you have this in mind before proceeding!


Dear customers, kindly note that due to the uniqueness of every of your request we do not do payment on delivery for customised.

We have done this in the past and we regret the losses. You can watch the video above to see why we have taken that decision to protect and keep us in business. Thank you for your understanding.


Transform your style narrative with our Stainless Steel Customized Jewelry.

Book now to unlock the perfect blend of durability, personalization, and timeless elegance

We guarantee 100% replacement if the customized jewelries is faulty and your money back if you aren’t satisfied with the product. However, this is only applicable if the issue is not from you


Most frequent questions and answers

We work with pure stainless steel jewelry only. With 18k gold plating for a gold replica look

Orders typically require 4-5 weeks for fulfillment, incorporating the pre-production phase involving graphic design. A preview of the graphic design of your order will be provided for your approval before advancing to main production. Following this, there will be quality control, adjustments, and ultimately, shipping to Nigeria. Please be aware that the production of these items occurs outside Nigeria.

We will implore you to please follow our processes in order to serve you. Your order will be made based on the graphic representation approved by you. In the case where a customer is unresponsive during the pre production period we will not be responsible for a change anymore after it has been produced. On the other hand if there is any error from our end be rest assured we will always bear the responsibility by remaking it to your specifications.

The placing of a customized jewellery order is considered “confirmed” once an advance payment to the tune of 70% of the estimated value of the jewellery product is made.

Our customers have reported enjoying our personalized jewelry for 2-3 years without problems. We assure you of its durability and offering a 6-month anti-fade warranty. If fading occurs within this period due to a rare 0.5% factory error, we will provide a full refund or replacement, ensuring your satisfaction and value for money.

YES. You may browse our catalogue on the salespage and also fill in the form to place order but would have to get in touch with one of our sales rep on WhatApp to finalize your order.

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